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Old Fashion Hand Made Master Gambling Spells
To Help You Win Big




\Original Hand Made Good Lucky
Gambling Bags


Just Like The Old Timers Use to Make
to help them Win Big

To Help You Win Numbers Game

Regular Strength  $55.55




Medium  Strength $175


 Super Strength with Jinn Powers $275


All Gamblers Bags come with Lucky Prayers and
information to help you win big


All Gamblers Baths comes with Three Lucky Numbers and special Information and how to take and use these Baths and Floor Wash  to help you become lucky in all things


Regular Strength  $19.95

Medium  Strength $24.95

Super Strength with Jinn Powers $75.00



Lucky Gambling Floor Wash

Regular Strength  $19.95

Medium  Strength $24.95

Super Strength with Jinn Powers $75.00





Regular Combination  Bath and  Floor Wash  





Medium Combination  Bath and  Floor Wash



Super Strength Combination  Bath and  Floor Wash






More Secret Stuff To Help You Win Big


Lucky Lottery Hand Rub : Rub on your hands before you pick your Lucky Numbers  $9.95 $9.
Lucky Lottery Dream Oil: Rub a little on your forehead at night before going to bed $9.95



Lucky Lottery Dream Book Picker : Put one drop of oil on your dream book and open up the first page you see and where your eyes fall on the numbers that is the one you play $9.95 $95
Luck Stealer: Use this Oil to steal someone luck when you are next to them: $9.95 $9
Lucky Bingo Oil : Use this Oil before you go to play Bingo to help you win at Bingo Games. $9.95 $9
Bring Me Luck 9 Powers Incense: One of my Best Sellers:  Burn a teaspoon each day holding a dollar bill over it and repeat the Jinn Money Drawing Words for good Luck $9.95 $1
Master DePrince Lucky Seven Dream Book comes with 3 Street Action Numbers $24.95 $3




Dr. DePrince Special Lucky Numbers Players Gambling Bag

Place this Lucky Numbers Bag Under Your Pillow at Night to help you Dream
of Lucky Numbers

Carry this with you to have Lucky Hunches to Pick out Numbers to Play

Place this on your Dream Book to Help you pick Lucky Wining Numbers

Come with secret information and the Lucky Numbers Prayers






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for personal amusement only and is in no way intend to encourage or promote any form of gambling.