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Whether it was the secrets found in this book that enabled Bill Gates to form Microsoft, creating his unique success, we may never know for certain (I actually wrote to Bill regarding this, but he did not respond back), but what is clear is that the information found in this book is capable of producing amazing results.

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How to remove bad luck from your life for once and forever!

If the other woman who stole your lover and you want him back in your life, cast this spell and they will come back to you begging to be taken back.

In bad debit? Have no way to turn? Bill collectors have taken over your life? Then use this powerful spell to help you get out of debit and stay out for good.

How to cast a powerful revenge spell on someone who has done you wrong

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If you have a house or flat for rent and can not rent it, cast this spell and you will have renters from all over the place.

Got a business and can not make any money and need customers? Cast this spell and you will have more business then you can handle.

Nasty gossip can bring you heartaches and cause problems in your life with others. Even though these rumors are not true. If you want to stop someone from gossiping about you, cast this spell and they will stop dead in their tacks

Tried of all that unnecessary fussing and arguing in the home that is wreaking your home life. Then cast this special Voodoo Spell to bring peace and love back into the home.

What to control that special someone mind, then cast this spell for real power over anyone.

If you are a woman and tried of losing men friends then cast t this powerful spell and you will be the most poplar woman with men and will have the power to keep that special someone.

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One of the many home owner’s nightmares is to have a next door neighbor from hell. If you got one, cast this spell to make their life a living hell to the point that they will become good neighbors.


Let fact it, evil spirits are for real and their only job is to make your life a living hell! If you are plagued with evil spirits and want to get rid of them, then cast this spell to send them back to hell.

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Secrets of Casting Powerful Black Magic Spells



How to Get Uncrossed-And Remove All Evil Spells.





Now you can learn about the future before it happens and find out anyone `s secrets by casting these spells.

Marie Laveau Thoughts on The Ancient Science of Astrology and Lucky Numbers

Learn how to use the secret powers of your birth sign to help you become lucky in life.

The Mystical Occult Powers of the Seals of Moses

By reading this secret Voodoo report you will learn how to cast very powerful Voodoo spells through the powers of Voodoo Seals.

These are the Voodoo Queens Real Secrets
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Madam LaBan 

One of The Original Seven Sisters of New Orleans




This special information that you are about to receive comes straight from one of Marie Laveau students, Madam Laban one of the original Famous Seven Sisters of New Orleans .

Before her death she personally met with Dr. DePrince and expressed to him that she wanted to put out the real and only true secrets of her teacher Marie Laveau because she was upset with the many fake copies that has been passed off as the original.

If you have bought any of the fake copies from somewhere else you will be quickly disappointed to find out why those spells do not work and why these spells work.

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"The Power of Voodoo Chant Seals and
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For many years, thousands of believers in Voodoo have sought out the magical powers of the Voodoo Priests to help them with their special and personal problems.

One of the most effective and sure way that they use to help others was through the use of Special Voodoo Chant Seals

The most popular and most successful Voodoo Chant Seals that are use are these:

Voodoo Chant Money Attraction:
Use Chant Seal to help you to overcome your money problems and to help bring more money into your life.

Voodoo Chant Attract Lover/Soul Mate:
If you are lonely and want to meet that special someone then this is the best seal to use to help bring your soul mate to you.

Voodoo Chant: For Success In Love:
if you are having love problems and want to overcome those love problems then use this Chant Seal to help bring more happiness in your life now.

Voodoo Chant: To Remove Bad Luck:
One of the main reasons why many people are so unlucky in life is because they failed to realize that they are under a bad luck or evil spell. This special Voodoo Chant Seal will help you to overcome and remove all the evil and bad luck in your life now.

Voodoo Chant: For Keeping Your Love One Faithful:
If you suspect your love one is being unfaithful to you, you can leave them or use this Voodoo Chant Seal to end it with the other person. But be warned that when you use this Voodoo Chant the other woman or man will end in a nasty fight for good.

Voodoo Chant To Break Up A Bad Love Affair.
If someone has stolen your love one from you using unfair means you can get them back with this special powerful Voodoo Chant Seal.

Voodoo Chant for Astral Projection:
If you ever wanted the magical powers to step out your body, then use this special Voodoo Chant Seal to help you step out your body and learn many secret things and go among people in your Astral Body.

Voodoo Chant to Read Minds:
If you really want to know what others think about you or you want to know what that special someone is really thinking about, then use this special Voodoo Chant Seal to have the power discover and hear and feel their thoughts.

Voodoo Chant for Contacting Guarding Angel.
We all have a special Guarding Angel that has been with us since birth. All masters of magic make it their main priority to get in touch with their Guardian Angle for guidance and protection in all things. You should too and this very special Voodoo Chant Seal will help you to find out and get in contact with your own Guarding Angle for guidance and protection.


Plus a lot more powerful Voodoo Chant Seals like…





Voodoo Chant For Psychic/Body Protection

Voodoo C Voodoo Chant For Attracting Good Luck

Voodoo Chant To Get Out of Debit

Voodoo Chant for Becoming Lucky In Numbers/Lottery

Voodoo Chant For Sexual Lover

Voodoo Chant For Long Life

Voodoo Chant For Legal /Court Problem

Voodoo Chant To Overcome A Special Problem

Voodoo Chant For Good Health

All these special Voodoo Chant Seals are ready for download and come with all the information you need how to use them for power.

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"The Real Devil Dust"

"The Most Powerful Spell You Can  Use to Keep All Evil and Bad Luck Away From You
and Your Home"

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Devil Dust Powder

As seen in the hit movie The Skeleton Key (Universal Pictures (2005))

This Voodoo powder is real and it has been used for years by many believers in Voodoo and Hoodoo to destroy evil spells and keep powerful evil forces from entering their door steps.

You can use this special powder…


  • To remove all Bad Luck and Evil spells from your home.

  • To Stop Your Lover from being Unfaithful to you

  • To Remove Unnatural Sickness

  • To Be Free From Invisible Nasty Spells


Here is the Real Reasons Why You Have So Much Bad Luck and Unnatural Sickness, and Love Problems in your home.

One of the main reasons why so many people have bad luck around them is because of the unseen powerful evil forces that are hidden in their homes holding them or their loved ones back.

Unchecked, this causes you to feel depressed all the time. It can cause money problems, strange sickness and all sorts of bad things can happen to you.

Put it in the four corners of your home to the entrance of your front door. Keep it there and do not move it . Because the demons will come and eat the dust as time go’s on.


   " Here is an inside hidden secret revealed for

the first time on the internet How You Can Use Devil Dust To Help Remove All the Hidden Bad Luck In Your Home Now !"


Cast This Powerful Jinx Removing Bad Luck Spell on Any Saturday  Morning For Destroying All Bad Luck Around You!


Many outsiders do not know this special hidden secret. But it is a very well known fact that all evil hides in the four corners of your home.

That is why 4 is a very powerful Number in Voodoo for casting special spells and removing very bad luck .

Early Saturday morning is best. Keep it there and do not remove it. In time the evil spirits will eat this dust along with all the bad luck vibration and move on.

In each corner you house you must put a little of this dust during the early hours of Saturday morning from 1 am to 3 am.

Many sensitive people have actually heard the evil spirits eating the dust from their home.

Notice the Demons will not hurt you as they are eating the Dust  and eating up your problems and bad luck that is in your life.

How To Remove All Evil Sexual Spells
from Your Bed Room

If you and your lover are arguing all the time and you feel that they are being unfaithful, here is what you should do with this dust.

Put some of it in the four corners of your bed room and a little under the bed on the side that they sleep on. Keep it there and do move it. The demons will come and eat the dust as time go’s on.


How To Stop Certain People From

Coming to Your House again!


Please be very carefully with this special spell it is used by many believers in Voodoo to make unwelcome guests or certain people never come to your door step again.

So think carefully before using this spell because once done it can not be undone

If you were to make the person come back to your house once you have done this spell , something will happen to you to cause you to leave your home for good.   You have been warned!

When your unwelcome guests comes to your home and as they are leaving, mix this Dust up with a handful of salt and throw it behind them when they leave.

Then wait one hour and sweep it up with a new broom. Take the dust and sweep it up with the new  broom and throw it into the nearest river and walk away and never look back.

This person will never come to your house again. Never!

This is the same Powder that has been used by  many old time Voodoo workers and tenants to keep landlords away, and old lovers who can’t get the message that it is over.  

Many Voodoo Masters use this special powder often to keep all bad evil spells away including me! Because it works!



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"Voodoo Spirit Reading Verses Regular Psychic Readings What
Are The Differences"

and which one is the most powerful to have

I am often asked, DePrince what is the difference between a Voodoo Dead Reading and a Psychic reading?

And which one do you think is the most powerful?

Big difference, first of all in order to understand what the difference is, you must first have a knowledge of the many types of readings that are around. Trust me there are many. Here is a list of the most popular ones.

Crystal Ball Readings.

In this type of reading, a high quality Crystal ball is used to look into the past, the present and even the future of someone or an event.
I often use this type of reading for special clients and the best time to do this type of reading is at night during the full Moon.

Card Readings

This type of reading has been around for many centuries. It is very popular and is still popular today.

One of the main reasons that I like this form of reading is, because there is always a store on the corner that you can go to and by a deck of cards for almost nothing and still do good readings.

The Tarot Cards

Here, this type of reading needs no introduction, everyone knows this type of reading, unless they have been living under a rock in no mans land.

What is little known, is that the deck of cards comes from the Tarot Cards. I have a great deal of deep respect for the Tarot Cards because I know how powerful they are and how they can be used for more than just foretelling the future.

My Favorite Type of Voodoo Reading is
Calling upon the Dead for advice

This is one of my favorite types of reading and is really one of the best methods of reading someone.

I must admit, that I love this method of reading for someone. Maybe because I grew up in a Voodoo Spiritualist Church where the offerings plate, would come floating down the isle.

My dear Mother would drag me off to these Voodoo Spook Churches at a drop of the hat. By the time I was 16 years old, half my best friends were dead people.

The only trouble with getting reading from the dead is that they sometimes hang around and don’t know when to leave.
This is why a lot of “real occult masters” don’t often do this type of reading.

If you really want a good and super cool reading, get this one done. You may never know who may show up next to you when you are reading your next email. Many thanks always .

De Prince

De Prince

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Powerful White Magic Spells from the
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News Letter Spot Light


New Changes to My
Home Page

Due to the many requests that I have received about me answering personal questions by email.

I have decided to include this service on my web site.

Which means that instead of paying me in person, $175 for a full length Voodoo Psychic Reading,

Your cost will only be $5.75 per question and you can have the work by email?

Check out my home page for more details.

New! Super Voodoo Psychic Phone & Email Reading

Check out this web page and if you order any special reading or have me answer any of your questions by email I will send you some Lucky Lottery Numbers for your city FREE!
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Powerful White Magic Spells from the Book of Bible Spells

Read this real testimonial from my files

Thank you De Prince for teaching me how to bring my boyfriend back to me.

Three days after casting your Bible Spell for love, my boyfriend came back to me and we are  now  planning to get married.You are very good. 

Shirley Jones Washington D.C.