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Voodoo Bone Reading                                       


Pleases Note All  Reading Comes with a Special Bonus Package That
Will Help You with your Problems. This Will Be shipped to you by USPS
and the cost of postage is already included with your price


"Get A Real Voodoo Reading By
A Real Voodoo Master, DePrince"

Let me talk to the Invisible Ones Around You for an Accurate and Positive Advice

They Are Ready and Waiting to Speak To You and To Help You

The Most Powerful Online Voodoo Reading on the Web
Done by A Real Voodoo Master!


There are many spirits around you and are waiting   and wanting to help you and give you an accurate and positive answer to your most pressing problems.

Let them help you to find the way out of your problems. There is no fear or worry; I will make contact with these spirits to find out just what you need to know to help you with your problems

Pleases Note All  Reading Comes with a Special Bonus Package That
Will Help You with your Problems. This Will Be shipped to you by USPS
and the cost of postage is already included with your price


How to Get Your Special
Voodoo Psychic Readings



For your convenience   I offer telephone, chat and email readings. To get a reading just click off any of the services that you want me to use to communicate with you. After you have made  your purchase by Pay Pal. I will make contact with you via email telling you how I get going to help you. Please check my Schedule  to set up an appointments and for availability. Thank you. All readings are private.

Your Investment Rates






     Phone voice readings are $35 for 15 minutes



     Email readings are $15.00 per question.


     Monthly Psychic Vibrations  Text message readings are $24.95 per month.



      Special Consultation on Spell Work That You Want Done.
      Consultations Only no work done $25



Voodoo Psychic Guidance  on Love and Relationships!


Before you say I Do! or commit  yourself to any relationship, first let me give you a complete Master Voodoo Psychic Reading that in the long run can save you a lots of heartache, pains and suffering! $25



Voodoo Psychic Business and Wealth Guidance

For many years one of the best kept secrets among the business world and very wealthy people is the secret use of powerful Voodoo Masters and Psychic workers to help them to become powerful and even help out  to become smart and even beat your competitors. 

I have worked with many businesses and some of them are now in the Fortune 500. I also work with  smaller business  to help them grow and become prosperous

If your business feels that you need my help please click here for a Private phone consultation,  or you can request a one on one meeting in New York, London, Washington D.C. or  Beverly Hills Cal.

Please! this is for serious inquirers only and all business is strictly secret because I am bound by my Voodoo Gods and a Voodoo oath that all information discussed between client and Voodoo Priests can never be revealed.

In order to keep out curious seekers and not to waste valuable time, there will be a $75 non refundable contact fee which has to be paid up front that will be applied towards your full Voodoo Consultation Fee.



White Magic Bible Spells That Can Help You Now

Learn how to cast special White Magic Spells using your Holy Bible.

these special White Magic Spells has been proven to help thousands of people in matters of Love, Money and Removing Bad Luck.

Each spell is from our special Bible Spell Kits and you can read them before ordering them online. Consider by many professional spell casters as “the Book” on casting white magic spells that really work.

This book will be automatically delivered and download on your computer by clicking on a email link upon payment.  

For more information click here now



Your Privacy:

To protect your financial information, we use pay pal as our payment processor, which means we do not see or store any of your financial data.



Disclaimer: All Voodoo and Psychic tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. DePrince  takes no responsibility or personal liability for outcomes or actions whether they be yours or those of other people. No guarantees of any kind are made, or implied. Please do not use any of my special  reading as a substitute for professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor, physician or other qualified health professional before starting any new treatment or making any changes to existing treatment.