"Hand Made and  Fix According the Ancient  
Egyptian Magical Secrets"


With Their  Real Ture Seals






One of the most powerful Hand Dressed Spirit Magical Candles that you can burn for special success and personal powers in all things

Eight years ago, I placed these special handmade items on my website for seven days, within 48 hours they all sold out and the offer was never repeated until now.

To this day, I still get a few emails from my many satisfied clients asking me when I was going to repeat this offer. 

Because these special Powerful Candles work!

Here is what one client emailed  me eight years ago when he responded to my offer.

Hello DePrince I just want to let you know that my Mother told me about you after you had  helped  her for many years in New York  so I decided to ask you for your help for success in the music world.

I just want you to know Mr. DePrince that After burning your Moses Money Drawing Candles for good luck in business, the record company that refused me  and rejected  all my  Rap demos for one year,  suddenly called me out of the blue and told me to come in and sign with their label  Thank you so very much and I will always remember you.


Now this client is doing bit roles in Major Movies with leading super stars.


What are the Moses 7 Days Candles and why these special Candles can help you?


These are the real seals that have been taken from the true Books of Moses and not the corrupt ones that are being sold on the internet ‘Colored IN SILLY RED”

These Seals are Hand Dressed and Oil down with the True Magical Oils and placed inside a Seven Day pull out candle with the right color vibrations, mixed with Moses Magical Powders and Oils to help you get what you want.


How to use them.

All you do is simply write your real wishes on the back of the Moses Magical Seal and affixed  them to the Hand Dressed Candle and light it  and let them burn out for seven days or more or less.

You will get the real Invocation prayers that has been deciphered  from the original Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses witting by a real Expert Joseph Peterson

Not the trash books that is being sold to many people who do not know any better on the internet.

Just order what type of Moses Candles you need and send for it now.

All Moses Magical Candles Spells
Sells for $37.50


Sorry Can only Ship in The USA


  • Moses Magical Candle Seal for Money and Great Prosperity

  • Moses Magical Candle Seal for Good Luck in Gambling and Lottery Numbers

  • Moses Magical  Candle Seal for Winning  at Casinos

  • Moses Magical Candle Seal for Winning at Lawsuits and Money Cases

  • Moses Magical Candle Seal for Attracting Love

  • Moses Magical Candle Seal For Attracting Sex

  • Moses Magical Candle Seal for Seducing a Woman  

  • Moses Magical Candle Seal for Seducing a Man

  • Moses Magical Candle Seal for Destroying a Marriage or Relationship

  • Moses Magical Candle Seal for Attracting a Gay Partner

  • Moses Magical Candle Seal for Removing Someone Sexual Nature

  • Moses Magical Candle Seal for  Psychical Protection
  • Moses Magical Candle Seal for Spiritual Protection

  • Moses Magical Candle Seal for Jinx Removing